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Death Note Parody Spoof Hindi Dubbed | CID Special

Light Yagami is suspected to be Kira(Killer). Can detective L prove him to be Kira along with the help of CID team, including ACP Pradhyuman, Daya and Abhijeet? Watch how the events take a comical turn... Like our Facebook page : Follow us on twitter : Visit our blog : Follow us on Instagram :
Insaaf Vs Andhera Ft. Kilvish's Darkness and L's Justice | Comment Time

So who do you support : Andhera(Darkness) or Insaaf(Justice) Comment Time : Comment insaaf or andhera
Gohan Kills Kaneki | Holi Special Parody [Hindi Dubbed]
Catch Anime Characters Playing Holi in a New Way..!! BTW Happy Belated Holi Facebook Page : Twitter : Instagram : Blogspot :
Reason Why Our Videos Are Released Late | USB Episode 7 Title Revealed

I here reveal the reason why my animations are released so late. Then again there are so many incomplete projects I've been working on, those are put into action. Don't worry they'll be completed soon :P Stay Tuned USB Episode 7 Title Revealed ..!!! For Regular Updates on My Ongoing Projects , Like Our Facebook Page : Jump to the link : htttps://